About us

YADA is a growing IT service provider with a focus on enterprise collaboration software. Since the company was founded in 2000, we have been supporting our international customers in facilitating the collaboration of their employees in distributed project teams and in better managing and optimizing project workflows and business processes.



IT service provider with a focus on cloud collaboration.
Founded in 2000 as a sales and consulting partner for eRoom, YADA has since developed into the international partner with the world’s most comprehensive expertise in eCollaboration. The company has over 125 well-known customers in 15 countries.


international customers, facilitate the collaboration of employees in distributed project teams and help to better control and optimize project workflows and business processes.

Develop custom-fit business solutions for business processes. No matter how good a software is – the decisive factor for success is user-friendly and process-oriented use.


on technologies and their optimal use, provide software and advanced solutions, and offer complete implementation and maintenance services.

with many years of experience and expertise. Hardly any other service provider in the world has our extensive know-how in deploying and customizing eCollaboration solutions in companies in different industries. We are the only EMC Selected Services Team Partner in Central Europe for eRoom

would like:

facilitate eCollaboration and accelerate teamwork through features for idea sharing, document collaboration, workflow, calendar use, planning, results review, project management and more, including archiving and compliance management.

the joint developments with our customers. We train users to develop their own advanced solutions with the available tools.


Pforzheim / Germany