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Tried and proven products tested in numerous projects.

YADA`s solutions are based on our tried and proven products and our years of experience with customer projects. All the solutions are obtainable in standard configurations and can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.


MIGRATOR Enterprise

MIGRATOR Enterprise migrates content from eRoom to SharePoint or Office 365, for example. Migrations can be initiated directly from a single room by administrators, coordinators, or participants. Furthermore, MIGRATOR features a notification function for users and can perform fully automatic migrations based on eRoom content. The current status of a room can be viewed in the Migration Monitor, and the migration team can monitor the current migration status via the Migration Cockpit. MIGRATOR also features an archive function and allows external links to eRoom to be forwarded to SharePoint. MIGRATOR Enterprise is a complete, one-of-a-kind solution for migration. Additional migration sources can be made available by means of third-party tools such as DocAve Migrator.

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More functions. More benefits.

The eRoom software can be expanded to meet your companyís individual requirements with the help of extensions. This includes tools for analysis, archiving, migration, workflow, reporting, and compliance. We would be happy to prepare an offer based on your individual requirements.




Analyzes and classifies all eRoom content to help users identify and archive or delete content that is no longer being used. As such, ANALYZER provides a sound IT basis to help you develop an optimal strategy for migrating to SharePoint or Office 365, for example.

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Automates and standardizes workflows in eRoom. The AUTOMATOR is a workflow module for configuring complex business solutions such as RECORDS MANAGER or MIGRATOR as well as simple workflows.

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Automatically migrates all eRoom content to SharePoint or Office 365. Also allows users to initiate migration. Users can track the current status of the migration process via notifications and the Room Monitor.

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Archives entire rooms or individual content in an open file format and enables users to access a room via a Web browser without eRoom or a special viewer.

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Archives rooms using the ARCHIVERís open file format and makes them available to the user via an online portal so that archived content can be accessed at any time.

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Exports folders, files, and metadata from eRoom to the file system, retaining the hierarchical structure in the process. This enables the user to store and edit the files locally or to migrate the content to systems of all kinds.

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More than 16 years of project experience.

We have over 16 years of project experience providing IT services for companies – especially large, international ones, but small and medium-sized ones as well. We offer you customized projects that are tailored to your individual requirements.




We help you with planning and advise you on what technology to choose and how to integrate it into your organization. Our focus is on IT strategy, concept and design, processes, organization, training, and project management.


We advise you on how to develop an optimum solution, and we carry out the required installation and configuration work for you. In the process, we make sure the solution is optimally integrated into existing IT infrastructure and we factor in security strategies and backup and restore strategies.


We create concepts for you, we work with you to plan how to implement them, and we perform all the necessary steps for a successful system upgrade in SME and enterprise environments.


With our support you can migrate your data to eRoom or migrate it from eRoom to other systems. This involves analyzing and classifying the data in depth for the purpose of creating an optimum migration strategy and an ideal concept. We carry out all the necessary installation and configuration work. Upon request, we can also perform the overall migration and provide user support during migration.

Application Consulting

We advise you and your users on how to use collaboration solutions such as eRoom and SharePoint efficiently and effectively. Consulting formats include webinars, workshops, training courses, and one-on-one meetings.

Training courses

We offer a broad selection of training options for your users, from one-hour webinars to customized, five-day intensive training courses/workshops.

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