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General information


We are IT service providers who specialize in cloud collaboration and we help our international customers to simplify collaboration between employees in distributed project teams and to improve the management and optimization of project flows and business processes. We provide advice on what technologies to use and how to get the most out of them, we offer software and expanded solutions, and we deliver a full range of implementation and maintenance services.


YADA was founded in 2000 as a sales and consulting partner for eRoom. Since then, it has developed into an international partner with worldwide expertise in the area of eCollaboration. The company has over 125 well-known customers in 15 countries.

What our customers appreciate about us

Expertly tailored business solutions: We focus on the business process. Regardless of how good a piece of software is, success depends largely on whether the product is used in a user-friendly and process-oriented way.

Many years of experience and competence: Hardly any other service provider in the world has our extensive expertise in providing and adapting eCollaboration solutions in companies from various industries. We are EMC’s only Selected Services Team partner for eRoom in Europe.

Helping people help themselves: We train users to create their own additional solutions using the available tools. This service is offered in situations where it is feasible and desired by the customer.

The advantages of eCollaboration

eCollaboration in the cloud simplifies and accelerates teamwork thanks to functions for exchanging ideas and working jointly on documents, workflows, calendars, planning, result verification, project management, archiving, compliance management, and more.

This means that all the employees involved in a process can work interactively, regardless of where they are located and whether they are working internally or externally. Cloud computing provides a basis in this context for uncomplicated use of central IT resources via diverse, user-friendly front ends such as Internet browsers, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

Head office

Pforzheim, Germany



Since our founding in 2000, we have supported our international customers in simplifying collaboration between employees in distributed project teams, as well as in improving the management and optimization of project flows and business processes. For this purpose, we rely primarily on the eRoom and SharePoint platforms. We offer an exciting work environment that involves working with major international customers and midsized businesses. This requires that all employees exercise professionalism, have a strong command of the English language, and be able to work across multiple time zones.

YADA is a perfect fit: The location, the work environment, the opportunities for personal and professional development, and the fun of working with a team. We also offer other advantages. 


We are looking for a software developer who specializes in C#/ and is available to start work at the earliest possible date.

Alliance partners

Since entering the market 16 years ago, YADA has developed numerous product extensions and gained extensive expertise in the areas of enterprise collaboration and enterprise content management. This has only been possible thanks to close collaboration with our Alliance Partners. We work hand in hand to create significant added value that we can pass on to our customers together.