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eRoom | Cloud Services

Simple. Flexible. Secure. Ready for immediate use

We have successfully provided eRoom cloud services for over 16 years. The eRoom Cloud offers you unlimited eRoom functionality as a web-based lease service. We have three flexible rates designed to meet typical requirements.


Complete eRoom functionality

Use eRoom without any limitations, with all of its familiar functions such as folders, files, project plans, discussions, voting, etc. 

Flexible users and storage

A specific number of rooms, users, and a specific amount of storage is made available to you depending on which rate you select. You can add users and additional storage space at any time.

Usage-dependent invoicing

In keeping with the terms of the basic package, invoices are issued each month based on the actual number of users and the amount of storage space used.

Short minimum contract periods

Only pay as long as you actually use eRoom. Short minimum contract periods and notice periods enable you to be flexible with regard to your project timelines.

Guaranteed availability and security

Our data center complies with the highest technology standards and guarantees 99.7% availability and continuous uptime. Our data center was awarded four stars during an ECO Data Center Star Audit.

Secure information exchange

All data is transmitted with SSL encryption. Each user requires a login name and a password to log in. Access rights can be set individually from the room level to the individual document level. 

eRoom Cloud Rates



eRoom 5+

Ideal for teams and workgroups. One room, five users, and one GB of storage included. The number of users and the storage limit can be increased at any time.

Starting at €99 per month

eRoom 15+

Perfect for departments and small to medium-sized companies. One facility, up to 100 rooms, 15 users, and five GB of storage included. The number of users and the storage limit can be increased at any time.

Starting at €299 per month

eRoom 100+

Ideal for long-term, company-wide deployment. Includes one dedicated server, up to 5,000 rooms, 100 users, and 50 GB of storage. The number of users and the storage limit can be increased at any time.

Starting at €1,999 per month

 Rate comparison

eRoom 5+ eRoom 15+ eRoom 100+
Basic package
Price per month ab 99€ ab 299€ ab 1.999€
Number of users included 5 15 100
Amount of storage included (GB) 5 15 100
Functional expandability nein nein ja
Additional users (per user/month) 20€ 25€ 30€
Additional storage (per GB/month) 10€ 10€ 10€
Setting up limits (users/storage) ja ja ja
Minimum contract period (months) 3 6 12
Notice period (months) 1 1 1
ARCHIVER per room export 299€ 299€ 299€
REPORTS per month 99€ 299€ 499€
AUDITOR 99€ 299€ 499€
Architecture level Room Facility Server
Maximum number of rooms 1 100 5000
Maximum size per room (GB) 16 16 X16
Maximum number of users ca. 100 (Softlimit) ca. 500 (Softlimit) ca. 50.000 (Softlimit)

Examples of use

File exchange

The eRoom application for file exchange enables you to securely store, edit, and exchange files on the Internet. Documents can be edited collectively and have version control. Editing can be controlled through simple editing and approval workflows.

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The eRoom application for projects includes all of the typical tools that you need for successfully planning, implementing, administering and storing your project. Because every project always has its own idiosyncrasies, users have the option of adapting and enhancing these tools.

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Data center

YADA runs its eRoom cloud service in a professional data center in Karlsruhe, Germany. Our modern and certified data center is equipped with climate control, emergency power supply, fire-fighting systems, access control systems, and redundant Internet connections with a bandwidth of up to 2.5 GB/s. The eRoom Cloud service runs exclusively on our own hardware and software. Overall administration of infrastructure and software is carried out by YADA personnel with more than 15 years of experience in hosting professional eRoom systems.

eRoom Cloud services put to successful use