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eRoom for projects

The eRoom application for projects includes all of the typical tools that you need for successfully planning, implementing, administering and storing your project. Because every project always has its own idiosyncrasies, users have the option of adapting and enhancing these tools.


Project storage

You can create all kinds of directories or upload directories and files with drag & drop and then edit them later.

Project planning

With the eRoom project plan, you can plan simple projects, administer tasks and milestones, and create a Gantt diagram, for example. Task synchronization with Microsoft Outlook spares you additional work.

Task administration

eRoom task administration offers you the possibility of creating simple task lists, or configuring complex task administration with different approval steps, which are completed by the project managers.

Project calendar

The project calendar assists in overall schedule planning, especially for inter-company projects. Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook spares you additional work.

Problem tracking

With the eRoom problem tracker, problems that pop up in projects can be easily detected, assigned, managed, and monitored to facilitate rapid and targeted responses to deviations.

Approval workflows

Approval workflows enable the structured creation of documents and the processing of tasks and problems. Furthermore, you can create all sorts of workflows.