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Analyzes and classifies all eRoom content to help users identify and archive or delete content that is no longer being used. As such, ANALYZER provides a sound IT basis to help you develop an optimal strategy for migrating to SharePoint or Office 365, for example.


  • Lists content that cannot be fully migrated due to limitations in the target system or that cannot be used any further in the context in question.
  • Gives you a comprehensive overview of the usage of rooms and their content based on over 90 values.
  • For example, you can display the effects of an upcoming migration to a new target system as a result of categorization.
  • Enables you to clean up the system in a targeted way: Reduce system loads and lower unnecessary breakdown risks and ongoing operating expenses.
  • Generate an automatic and rule-based categorization of all rooms based on analysis values calculated by the system.
  • The extension creates a list of files that are too large for the target system.

Integrates seamlessly into eRoom

No need to switch to another application.

The ANALYZER can be seamlessly integrated into eRoomís user interface.

Analysis and administration of all rooms

Obtain an overview of all rooms and their content.

The ANALYZER generates a list of all rooms on the eRoom server, calculating over 90 values per room in the process. These values include the time a member last logged in, the time of the last modification, the number of documents of a particular size, the number of databases and other eRoom elements, and much more.

Detailed analysis of all room content

Insight into your eRoom system.

90 values are calculated per room. The values serve as a basis for classifying rooms and content.

  • Last Item Modification
  • Last Login Date
  • Number of all eRoom items
  • Number of nested items
  • Coordinators
  • Contains Special Characters
  • Unsupported File Types
  • Large Files
  • URL length exceeded
  • And many more

Standard room classification

Categorization of all rooms.



We classify rooms and their content based on a range of criteria. One important criterion is active use of content. This determines whether content is a candidate for migration or whether it is inactive and suitable for archiving or deletion.

Actively used rooms are classified as simple, moderately complex, and highly complex, or as rooms with limitations. An important factor here is the storage structure, which in SharePoint/Office can influence the usability of the content after migration. It also classifies content that can no longer be migrated for technical reasons.

Rooms that are no longer actively used are classified based on their intended purpose: Should they be deleted immediately, archived in advance, or simply made readable offline?

ANALYZER put to successful use