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Automates and standardizes workflows in eRoom. The AUTOMATOR is a workflow module for configuring complex business solutions such as RECORDS MANAGER or MIGRATOR as well as simple workflows. It´s also the foundation for the Pro versions of our extensions.


  • Analysis and classification of rooms and content.
  • Automation of procedures and actions.
  • A COCKPIT that enables you to maintain an overview at all times.
  • Easy application configuration with the Control Center.

The most important components

Analysis and classification

The analysis and classification function makes it possible to carry out procedures automatically in eRoom on the basis of room content. Rooms that have not been used for a long time, for example, can be archived automatically, or the coordinators can be asked to delete the room. The classification function allows users to conduct a detailed classification of rooms with specific uses or specific content based on simple or complex rules.

Automation of procedures and actions.

Many routine tasks can be automated with the AUTOMATOR. For example, database entries can be shifted from one step in the workflow to another, entries or new eRoom elements can be created, statuses can be changed, etc. based on various conditions. Users can configure the system to notify them automatically about an event or to ask them for approval. Rooms can remain readable online, or they can be archived, exported, or migrated to another system.


Every solution contains its own COCKPIT. The COCKPIT provides supervisors with a complete overview and access to all workflow instances and their statuses. It can also be used to modify the settings for e-mail notifications and to configure many of the solutionís important functions.

COCKPIT using MIGRATOR Enterprise as an example

A full overview at all times

MIGRATOR COCKPIT provides an overview of all processes and statuses in real-time. It can also be used to modify classification rules and e-mail templates and to configure various settings.

AUTOMATOR Control Center

Clear and easy application configuration

AUTOMATOR Control Center is installed automatically with the application. Licenses and workflow applications (modules) can be installed and administered and e-mail servers and custom actions can be configured using the Control Center.

User notifications

Automatic user notifications

Users can be notified at all times about changes and work assignments at various points in the workflow. An unlimited number of notifications can be generated and sent as text messages or HTML e-mails. E-mail texts can be modified at any time via the COCKPIT. A list with variables such as room name, user name, date, etc. is provided so that individual and personalized notifications can be sent.

Solutions based on AUTOMATOR




The eRoom Records Management solution for eRoom makes it possible to meet record retention requirements for electronic documents with the help of configurable storage policies. By means of these centrally managed and configurable policies, you can control the entire life cycle of electronic documents that are created and stored in eRoom during collaborative work on projects and business processes.

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MIGRATOR Enterprise

MIGRATOR Enterprise migrates content from eRoom to SharePoint or Office 365, for example. Migrations can be initiated directly from a single room by administrators, coordinators, or participants. Furthermore, MIGRATOR features a notification function for users and can perform fully automatic migrations based on eRoom content. The current status of a room can be viewed in the Migration Monitor, and the migration team can monitor the current status of a migration at all times via the Migration Cockpit. MIGRATOR also features an archive function and allows external links to eRoom to be forwarded to SharePoint. MIGRATOR Enterprise is a complete, one-of-a-kind solution for migration. Additional migration sources can be made available by means of third-party tools such as DocAve Migrator.

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AUTOMATOR put to successful use