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Exports and synchronizes content from eRoom databases and project plans in order to create an individualized and professional annual report in Microsoft Excel format.


  • Quickly create professional-looking annual reports with ease for reporting, presentations, and meetings.

  • A report is created only once and then synchronized with the eRoom data.

  • Flexible reports let you get the right information to the right person at the right time.

  • Automatically save the report in its current state as a *.pdf file once a month or at any other interval.

Report generation

Using a vendor scorecard as an example

Users can generate individual and professional reports from content that was created in various eRoom databases and eRoom project plans in the course of collaborative work on projects and business processes.

Easy report administration

Use an eRoom database to administer your annual reports.

eRoom databases enable users and administrators to maintain reports in a simple and centralized manner. As a result, they always have an overview of all their reports and are able to edit them at any time.

Simple and fast report generation

Reports can be created by both users and administrators.

All important information can be configured on the REPORTS configuration page. That includes report name, data sources, scheduling for automatic creation, e-mail delivery, number format, templates, and filing location.

Additional functions

Report and file name

Like the Excel report file, reports can be named individually. In addition, the date and time the report was created can be attached to the filename.

Data sources

Databases (including workflow and enterprise databases) and project plans of all kinds from different rooms can be used as data sources for your annual report.


Reports can be created manually or they can be generated automatically based on a predefined schedule. A schedule includes a time period (for example, daily, weekly, or monthly) and two optional values specifying the time and the interval for periodic report generation.


Any recipient can be sent an automatic notification about the new report or they can be sent the report directly as an e-mail attachment once an annual report has been generated.


Templates for company-wide or personal reports can be stored in REPORTS. This enables users to generate reports quickly and easily with the help of the templates.

Storage location

Reports can be stored in any location, regardless of where report management and the data source are located.

REPORTS put to successful use