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eRoom | digital office

Internet-based collaboration can be so easy.

eRoom software makes online workstations secure and enables companies to conduct joint projects and exchange and store documents and information both internally and with customers, suppliers, and business partners, regardless of differences in location or time zone.

Easy and intuitive to use



eRoom works for small workgroups of five or more users and can be scaled to 100,000 users without any problems. The software scales easily and smoothly to meet your requirements.

Functional expandability

eRoom has a convenient programming interface that can be individually adapted to customer requirements.

Every function required for successful collaboration

eRoom has all of the functions that are required for successful collaboration: planning, administration, discussion, coordination, file storage, access control, version control, notifications, and much more. The solution is suitable for almost every type of web-based collaboration.

Structured yet flexible

Rooms can be created based on templates. Rooms can be designed and changed at any time. This means they can be adapted to fit individual workflows and to meet company guidelines.

Easy to use thanks to drag & drop functionality

eRoom features a plug-in that allows the user to upload or download files or entire directory structures using drag & drop.

Secure workstation on the Internet

eRoom offers secure workstations on the Internet for teams and workgroups. Users can access the workstation using any Internet browser. The terminal and the server communicate via 128-bit SSL encryption.

Easy to use

The user interface is simple and intuitive. A central overview indicates all the rooms in which a given user is a member. The design of the rooms is based on Windows File Explorer, so that users can get right to work without the need for training.

Internal and external collaboration

eRoom´s user administration enables both internal and external users to be added to the system quickly and easily.

eRoom elements


A link to a website, another eRoom, or a specific file or page in an eRoom. You can create links for every element that has a Web address (URL).


A special folder where e-mails can be received and stored. Project-related e-mails can be sent directly to the eRoom in order to create an automatic archive for project correspondence.


A summary of information from one or several databases, calendars, or project plans. Dashboards can be displayed on the My eRooms page.

Project plans

A simple project plan that includes a Gantt diagram and can be synchronized with MicrosoftÆ OutlookÆ. Project tasks can be grouped and filtered and the actual progress can be plotted in the plan. Each entry can include comments and attachments, just like any other eRoom page.


A fully configurable database for milestones, problems, points of contact, and other structured project information. You can select fields and data types and insert, sort, group, search, and filter entries. An entry can also include comments and attachments, just like any other eRoom page.


eRoom workflows allow users to quickly and easily create common workflows for structured processes. Possible workflows include shared document creation (such as creating a bid), problem tracking, and task processing.


An exchange of opinions between multiple people in which you can read other peoplesí comments and submit your own contributions.


A page where you can put a question to a vote. You specify the possible answers. The results of the poll are evaluated and displayed automatically.


A simple team calendar with monthly, weekly, and list views, recurring events, and a function for synchronizing with Microsoft® Outlook®.


All types of files can be easily uploaded and downloaded via drag & drop.


A place where you can save, organize, and comment on files, links, and other eRoom elements.


A simple text page with areas for file attachments and comments. Notes do not require special applications to open and read them, as opposed to files that are stored in an eRoom.

eRoom functions


A simple chat function for members of a room.


Finds keywords in titles, descriptions, Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), and *.pdf documents. A search query can be conducted for all rooms or within just one room.

Online help

Online help can be reached from any eRoom page. Help is also displayed in context.


A telegram can be sent for each element via e-mail to any member of a room to keep users informed about changes and new features. A link takes the user directly to the element they want.


The system automatically sends an e-mail each day to inform all users about changes in their work areas. Furthermore, change notifications can be activated for individual elements.

New elements flagged as unread

New and changed elements are automatically displayed as unread.

Drag & drop

All types of files can be stored in eRoom. These files can be uploaded or downloaded as entire directory structures or individually via drag & drop. Drag & drop can also be used within the software itself to shift eRoom elements.

Version control

If version control is activated, a new file version is created automatically as soon as changes are made to the file.

Access control

Access rights in eRoom are managed at different levels. Access can be controlled for every single element within a room.

Examples of usage

Project and task planning

eRoom´s flexible project and task planning functions make it one of the most popular tools for implementing projects, in addition to its ease of use. Additional functions such as problem management, dashboards, and result approval workflows ensure that you remain in complete control of your project at all times.

Shared document creation

Shared document creation is easy thanks to an intuitive interface, the ability to store in folders, simple uploading via drag & drop, and version and access control for documents.

Brainstorming and discussion

Individual elements feature an easy commenting function. A discussion function enables users to set up topic-based news and expert forums.

Meeting planning and administration

The calendar element and the meeting management function provide assistance when planning and administering appointments with inter-company teams. Synchronization with Microsoft© Outlook© also enables users to conduct a quick comparison with personal scheduling and planning.

File and information exchange

eRoom´s flexibility and broad range of functions allow files and all other types of information to be exchanged without issues.

Document creation with approval workflows

eRoom´s approval workflow function was developed to allow users to quickly and easily configure not only documents created as part of formal processes, but also single- or multistage approval processes for such documents.

Faster decision-making

Discussions and decisions are an essential part of joint projects. Both functions are firmly integrated into eRoom and they accelerate decision-making when combined with up-to-date information.



Analyzes and classifies all eRoom content to help users identify and archive or delete content that is no longer being used. As such, ANALYZER provides a sound IT basis to help you develop an optimal strategy for migrating to SharePoint or Office 365, for example.

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Automates and standardizes workflows in eRoom. The AUTOMATOR is a workflow module for configuring complex business solutions such as RECORDS MANAGER or MIGRATOR as well as simple workflows.

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Automatically migrates all eRoom content to SharePoint or Office 365. Also allows users to initiate migration. Users can track the current status of the migration process via notifications and the Room Monitor.

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Archives entire rooms or individual content in an open file format and enables users to access a room via a Web browser without eRoom or a special viewer.

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Archives rooms using the ARCHIVERís open file format and makes them available to the user via an online portal so that archived content can be accessed at any time.

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Exports folders, files, and metadata from eRoom to the file system, retaining the hierarchical structure in the process. This enables the user to store and edit the files locally or to migrate the content to systems of all kinds.

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eRoom put to successful use