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MIGRATOR Enterprise

Software. Know-how. Passion.

Enterprise Migrator is more than just software. It’s the only complete migration solution in the world that factors in every important aspect of eRoom migration. In addition to purely technical data migration and differences between systems, it also focuses on a strategy for all eRoom content and integrates the end user and their expectations with regard to the quality of the results and the minimization of the project duration, costs, and risks. Enterprise Migrator meets all of these requirements with a single, comprehensive solution.


  • Detailed data analysis and classification of the customer’s system
  • Support for various migration sources and migration targets
  • Enables users to carry out migrations on their own
  • Solutions for technical limitations in target systems
  • Integrated incident management
  • Automation of the largest possible number of tasks
  • Enables long-term archiving of eRoom content
  • Takes user expectations into account
  • Minimum downtime for the user
  • Third-party software can be integrated

The most important components

Analysis and classification

The analysis of each room and its content yields information that serves as a basis for the entire project flow. More than 90 different values are determined, for example the Last Login Date or the Last Modification Date, which classify a room as either active or inactive. But Migrator also determines specific values that provide information about the usability of a room after migration.

Automation of procedures

Automation of routine procedures is an important part of migration projects. It helps the project team focus on really important subjects and enables them to save time and personnel costs. Automation tasks include, for example, fully automatic migration of rooms without limitations.


MIGRATOR COCKPIT provides the project team with a general overview of all room statuses and activities. It offers a comprehensive overview of analysis data and enables individual settings for e-mail notifications.

Migration sources

Migrator can migrate out-of-the-box data from eRoom to SharePoint, Office 365, and Office 365 d. Additional sources such as SharePoint, FileSystem, PublicFolders, etc. can easily be added by means of third-party tools such as AvePoint’s DocAve Migrator.

Migration targets

We currently offer SharePoint, Office 365, Office 365 d, FileSystem, and EMC Documentum (DMS) as migration targets.

Long-term archiving

eRoom content that the company no longer needs can be archived and made available for offline reading or optimized for file and document management systems.

Migration Self-service

Enables users to carry out migrations on their own. Migration Self-service simplifies the migration process for users by taking them step by step through the process by means of a wizard. Administrators can define and limit the parameters for self-service migrations.

Solution for technical limitations

There are various technical limitations such as file types, file sizes, path lengths, and special characters, depending on the target system. We are familiar with these limitations and offer finished solutions or configuration options to deal with them.

User expectations

It is essential and absolutely necessary to involve users in the migration process in order to ensure that their expectations are correctly assessed from the very beginning. This is accomplished by means of a simple and clear communication concept based on notifications and webinars, the integration of power users in a proof-of-concept, etc. Individual measures are adjusted individually to meet the company’s requirements.

Integrated Incident Management

Integrated Incident Management intervenes and reports an error if technical problems arise during a procedure, for example, when archiving. Depending on the procedure, a migration log or archiving log is created for the room, so that technical support can quickly find and rectify the source of the error.

Minimum downtime

YADA conducts migrations on a room-by-room basis. This minimizes downtime for users. Migration planning can be carried out automatically. Users are always notified in a timely manner about pending actions. The coordinator can change the date via the room dashboard if a scheduled migration date turns out to be inconvenient.

Integration of third-party tools

MIGRATOR Pro and Enterprise both have a connector function that, for example, enables data migration to be conducted via third-party software. A connector is already available for AvePoint’s DocAve Migrator, so that YADA software can be connected to individual migration software.

Migration methods and services

YADA has in-depth experience with small, medium-sized, and enterprise migration projects. This includes migrating more than 13,000 rooms and 15 TB of data to SharePoint, as well as migrations involving the transfer of more than 10,000 rooms and 12 TB of data to Office 365/SharePoint Online in the cloud. As a result, YADA is familiar with both the typical and the specific requirements of each system and has developed a unique method for fast, secure, and problem-free migration.

We develop an optimum migration strategy and the ideal migration design for the customer’s system step by step. We verify the design by a proof of concept test and examine it for possible weaknesses. We then install and configure the entire system on the basis of the optimum migration design.

Consultants from YADA oversee the first project phase. Once this phase is completed, the project can be handed over to the customer. The customer supervises the actual migration process. YADA may also opt to make resources available for this step as well.

Migration products and solutions


MIGRATOR migrates eRoom content to SharePoint or Office 365. Migrations can be initiated directly from a single room by administrators, coordinators, or participants. The migration monitor displays the current status and allows users to track active migrations.

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MIGRATOR Pro features all the functionality of MIGRATOR. In addition, it can carry out fully automatic migrations on the basis of eRoom content. The current status of a room can be viewed in the Migration Monitor, and the migration team can obtain an overview of the migration via the Migration Cockpit.

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MIGRATOR Enterprise

MIGRATOR Enterprise features all the functionality of MIGRATOR Pro. It also features an archive function and allows external links to eRoom to be forwarded to SharePoint. This makes MIGRATOR Enterprise a complete and unique solution for migration.

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A comparison of all migration products

Migration of all eRoom content
Migration of rights - site permissions
Migration of metadata
Addition of individual metadata during migration
Very high level of user satisfaction
Migration of special characters
Resolution of URL length problem
Migration of unsupported file types
Migration by end users
Integrated into eRoom
Migration to existing sites
Creation of a new site during migration
Detailed logging of all actions
Source: eRoom
Targets: SharePoint, Office 365, box, File System, Google Drive
Additional sources: File Share, public folders, SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 -
Permanent analysis and classification of the content -
Automatically prepare rooms for migration -
Fully automatic migrations (24/7) -
Automatic migration planning -
Formation of room groups for migration -
Integrated incident management -
Delivery of e-mail notifications -
Delivery of consolidated e-mail notifications -
Automatic "read-only" setting for rooms -
Integration of third-party tools (for example, DocAve Migrator) -
Workflow management -
Adaptable workflows -
Forwarding of links - -
Long-term archiving of rooms - -
Fully automatic archiving - -
Archive library - -

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