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Uses storage policies to collect, manage, and control electronic documents over their entire life cycle.


  • Avoid fines by protecting documents in the event of a legal dispute.

  • Reduce IT operating costs through controlled deletion of old and unused documents after the legally required storage period has expired.

  • Minimize liability risks by automatically deleting documents after the legally required storage period has expired.

Storage policies

You decide which policies apply for your company.

Storage policies allow documents to be protected from deletion by users. They also enable targeted and controlled deletion of documents following the expiration of a mandatory retention period.

Storage policies may be assigned either manually to individual files, folders, or documents attached to eRoom elements, or automatically to a room or the entire eRoom system.

Policy Guard

Guarantees compliance to policies and legal holds.

Ensures that the storage policies are maintained even when documents are moved or copied within a room or from one room to another. Also protects documents during active legal disputes.


Inspection of all documents during a lawsuit.

You can create a so-called ‘legal dispute,’ which can be assigned to the entire room and individual files via a special search or through direct assignment in Records Management Administration.

Files assigned to a legal dispute cannot be deleted for the duration of the proceedings, even if deletion is deemed necessary according to another storage policy.

Controllable deletion of documents

You decide whether a document should be permanently deleted.

After the retention period has expired, documents can be released for automatic deletion. They are then automatically deleted, for example, once a month. The document disposal list for each room makes it possible for room coordinators to remove individual documents from this special records management recycle bin.

Records Management Administration

Everything at a glace

Records management administration provides a central overview of all storage policies and legal disputes, which can be added and managed from a single location. All documents protected by a storage policy can be viewed here. In addition, all documents to be deleted because of a storage policy can also be logged in a policy report.

A dashboard for every room

Everything at a glance, even at the room level.

The dashboard contains the functions necessary to assign and administer storage policies and legal disputes for documents. It also provides a list of all documents whose retention period has expired (disposal list) and a list of all documents protected by a storage policy (policy report).

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