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Over 16 years of project experience

We have over 16 years of project experience providing IT services for companies – especially large, international ones, but small and medium-sized ones as well. We offer you customized projects that are tailored to your individual requirements.


We help you with planning and advise you on what technology to choose and how to integrate it into your organization. Our focus is on IT strategy, concept and design, processes, organization, training, and project management.


We advise you on how to develop an optimum solution, and we carry out the required installation and configuration work for you. In the process, we make sure the solution is optimally integrated into existing IT infrastructure and we factor in security strategies and backup and restore strategies.


We create concepts for you, we work with you to plan how to implement them, and we perform all the necessary steps for a successful system upgrade in SME and enterprise environments.


We create a suitable virtualization concept and carry out all the necessary work for you. We have extensive expertise in the virtualization of global collaboration systems.

Application consulting

We advise you and your users on how to use collaboration solutions such as eRoom and SharePoint efficiently and effectively. Consulting formats include webinars, workshops, training courses, and one-on-one meetings.

Training courses

We offer a broad selection of training options for your users, from one-hour webinars to customized, five-day intensive training courses/workshops.


In addition to technical support for our products and solutions, we also offer individual, customized support services. Depending on your requirements, these services can either be provided in the form of remote consultation or at your premises, on either a daily or a full-time basis.


The standard versions of eRoom and SharePoint can be tailored to individual customer requirements. This may involve small, functional extensions or large modifications. You can find several examples in the eRoom add-ons.


With our support you can migrate your data to eRoom or migrate it from eRoom to other systems. This involves analyzing and classifying the data in depth for the purpose of creating an optimum migration strategy and an ideal concept. We carry out all the necessary installation and configuration work. Upon request, we can also perform the overall migration and provide user support during migration.


We help you consolidate distributed systems, which are often required in the course of company mergers or acquisitions. Collaboration systems are often virtualized in the course of a consolidation. We have the expertise required to virtualize and consolidate globally distributed, dedicated systems.

On Site

You can also make use of our services at your premises on a long-term basis. Possible services include user support, administration, consulting, training, support, project management, and more, based entirely on your individual requirements.

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